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Body Art is a unique advertising opportunity with an edge.

We place your company logo and associated imagery across stunning body models and strategically place them at your event.   Create a great photographic advert or ‘walking billboard’.  This is sure to have people talking about your ‘brand’.

Our beautiful Body Art can be as little or as much as you need.  A simple dramatic painted body or simple add-ons of jewels, feathers, clothing adornments or elaborate headpieces.

Let us paint your brand onto the ‘walking billboards’ and circulate among your guests, have them as static displays as they enter your event or promotion.  Great for a sporting event to promote the team game.  We can even paint your players in their team shirts for a fantastic promotional photographic shoot.

Why not surprise your guests with stunning statues simply painted and placed around your event.  Our beautiful statues will stand gracefully at your event and when your guests back is turned move to a different position.

Body Art is perfect for promos for print, as well as on-site promos.  Our beautiful ‘walking billboards’ are the perfect medium for your next event or promo.  Why not have your promotional literature or product handed out to your guests by the ‘walking billboards’.

Want something special for you loved one?  Body Art can be a magical gift that is completely unique.  We can create a fantasy artwork using the  human body and have it professionally photographed.

What do you want to be?  A stunning princess from another time, robot, tiger or fantasy creature.  We will transform you into a beautiful living artwork that is unique and truly one off.  A romantic and special gift for your loved one.

Our beautiful Body Art creations are run through Artistic Bodies or The Imagineers. We wanted to separate the theme of face painting and create a corporate edge to our services.