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Glitter Tattoos are the latest craze for something different.

Beautiful temporary glitter artwork tattoos that last 3-5 days.
Airbrush Tattoos are another great addition to your event that last 5-7 days.

Glitter and Airbrush Tattoos add glitz and glamour to hen’s night or school formals, and are a fantastic addition to a pool party or sporting event.   We have a large range of stencil designs available and also are happy to create free hand designs unique to you.

Glitter Tattoos are applied to clean, dry skin with a non toxic, skin safe non latex adhesive that removes with baby oil or alcohol, glitter or shimmer powder are applied, excess dust brushed off and voila!! a beautiful temporary piece of artwork.

Airbrush Tattoos are also applied to clean dry skin with a stencil and specialised body paint.  They are airbrushed onto various parts of the body upon request. Airbrush Tattoos look very realistic but you won’t be branded for life.

Imagine your product brand, company logo  or sporting team on your target market’s skin?  We will create a unique tattoo for you to support your team or promote your company brand with customised corporate/team logo designs.  What a brilliant way to keep people talking about your event after your event!

With designs ranging from simple butterflies to fierce dragons (they look great in black), a large colour range in both glitter dust or shimmer powder Glitter Tattoos and Airbrush Tattoos (Airbrush tattoos at present only in black) are a fantastic addition to any event and suit all ages and groups.

We also have a large range of Temporary Tattoos that are applied with water and easily removed for the less adventurous.